My 7 Favorite Things (Persnickety Pickles Linky Party!)

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  1. JenniferL says:

    How addicted are you to blogging?! I LOVE it! I just read your bio—your first classroom in the fall! Aren't you SO ready to shop?! Advice: do NOT go crazy! It's so easy because you start out with nothing. Buy the basics- alphabet, numberline, etc….then add to it as the year goes on!

  2. Congratulations on your new classroom and your marriage – you look beautiful!! I stumbled on your blog when indulging my constant travel-lust: I'd have to say we're alike in your 7th favorite thing! How amazing are Carnival Cruises?! I can't tell if my favorite thing is the food, the activities, the shopping, or the spas! I suppose I'll just have to plan another trip to find out – you know, for research purposes! 😛 Lucky you – you'll have summers off to go on all sorts of fun cruise trips!

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