Guided Reading Suggestions?

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  1. Ashleigh says:

    I think that we each have to find what works for ourselves and our students. I have minimal experience with Daily 5, because we have to follow the Fountas and Pinnell guided reading. I do think that it is important that all students have some independent reading daily. I know my struggling readers do everything they can to get out of reading. As a third grade teacher I also see the challenge of transitioning students from reading picture books to chapter books (not that anything is wrong with picture books).

  2. Adrienne says:

    My principal just wants to make sure that you are meeting with your lowest group(s) everyday and the other groups frequently. She requires teachers to turn in all of the guided reading plans for each group at the end of each quarter She looks for the skills/strategies taught and to make sure you are adequately differentiating. Because every teacher plans differently some don't put the book or passage used. Every teacher has many sets of books in their classroom from the school to use and I think she assumes they are using them when many aren't. Our school also has a membership with so many teachers use those books, which are AWESOME, but are short and don't help with stamina.

    However, the principal does strongly encourage, but not mandate, the daily 5.

  3. mrs. tabb says:

    Can I ask a few questions? =)
    Does your school mandate or encourage any particular method? What you have looks like a combo of readers and writers workshop/daily 5?

    This is helping me as well because there is a tiny chance that I might be a literacy coach next year and this is the kind of thing they do! haha

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