This is what I’m working with (classroom photos)

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  1. Mrs. Hawk says:

    wow such great goodies already waiting for you. I am a little jealous of the 30 book bins and all those clipboards (I would want to alter them and decorate them)

    <3Mrs. Hawk

  2. …index cards, curtains, notebooks with dividers, websites that cost $, colorful pens, fancy magazine boxes for sorting different class work, wire baskets for handing in assignments ( I use cheap placemats underneath for color & dust control, fancy clips instead of paperclips, fancy folders-there are so many cute ones nowadays… and the list goes on…good luck and have fun.

    A Time to Share & Create

  3. Stacey says:

    What a great way to start off! We have three first year teachers joining our 5th grade team this year. They are so enthusiastic and dying to buy things. The first year is so expensive!

  4. Hadar says:

    That's awesome!! My first year teaching last year, I moved into a room and the teacher left all of her stuff too. It was frustrating having to clean out all of her stuff, but it was nice to gain a lot of new things I didn't have to spend money! Have fun setting it up when you finally can! 🙂

    Miss Kindergarten

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