Test Prep Boot Camp

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  1. Dekita says:

    Hi. This is my first year teaching a testing grade as well as departmentalizing (ELA & SS) and I am also in VA so I instantly became addicted to your page :). Just to clarify, your students each completed 1 of the 4 centers during the 30 minutes of boot camp? Then the next day they would rotate to another…and by Thursday they would have completed all four centers? Also, do you have the handouts/questions you used in your workstations? Thanks

    • Adrienne says:

      Thank you! Yes, one center a day so by Thursday they were all done. One center was my file folder skill centers from my store, another center was passages I purchased from TPT, another center was computer (PARCC practice sites), and the last center was based on questions I made for Nat Geo posters that I had from 6-7 years ago.

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