About Adrienne


My name is Adrienne, I serve teachers all around the world by offering engaging lesson ideas and activities for every classroom. I’ve found that many teachers are passionate about their craft and in love with their students, but are too tied up with the unending responsibilities of the teaching profession to create tailor-made resources for their classroom. Through my blog posts, newsletters, and store, I provide resources to save teachers time without forcing them to compromise on the content of their trade.

My Story

I’m a Virginia based, third grade teacher who loves creating. I started selling lesson plans and activities on TeachersPayTeachers that I had made for my graduate internship during in January 2011. Creating and selling was my hobby for a while until the teaching community blew up and I was able to get to know other teachers from all around the country.

What I realized as I talked to teachers from all walks of life is that they were exhausted. Teaching as a profession encompasses a million (and one) responsibilities outside of simply teaching in front of a group of students. I would see teachers post things like, “Does anyone have a good suggestion to teach fractions on a number line? I’ve been searching Google for an hour and still haven’t found anything to fit my kids.” (To be fair, this was back when Pinterest was still in beta, so only a few of us were on and there wasn’t the current treasure trove of ideas.) I thought to myself, I taught that, I have suggestions!

I have always loved technology and creating digital content. Part of my lesson planning every week included creating activities on my computer to use with my students. -Then it clicked!- I need to expand! Instead of just occasionally posting things I’ve made here and there, I would connect to my online teaching community and serve other teachers. I created a blog to share tips, tricks and lesson ideas. I started pouring more time into creating content for my students and my curriculum to share with others. If I could help serve other teachers by offering digital activities that they want but don’t know how to create, their lives might just get a little easier.

My mission has pretty much been the same since.

My Family

My husband and I were married in February of 2011 and welcomed our dog Teddy, a boxer puppy, the following year. Teddy was our baby until 2013 when we had our first daughter (sorry, Teddy). In 2016, we had our second daughter. Teddy may not be the center of our attention anymore, but he sure does have a lot of loud playmates!

Let’s Keep in Touch

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