Science Notebooking is FUN!

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  1. diedra says:

    I am using science notebooks in my second grade classroom. I love and appreciate your wonderful ideas. I hope you will share some of your simple graphic organizers. dc

  2. Deborah says:

    As I looked at your notebooks, I was struck by the combination of pre-made worksheet and the students personal connection to that information. I especially like the pages where you have the simple graphic organizers…What is it/ What is it used for? Examples. If student internalized just that information, that would make me happy. I would like a copy of your printables if you make them available.

  3. Twyla Yeates says:

    Your science notebooks look great! I would also be interested in knowing where you got your printables. Thanks for the great inspiration.


  4. Kinderpond says:

    I wish that our notebooks looked half this nice 🙁
    Maybe because we use them in an after school program or I have too high of expectations, they are just not looking so nice. 🙁

    Some of course are good, but it is very difficult with different teachers, besides myself.

    You have some awesome printables, could you share some of your sites?



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